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MYSTERY Jeep Men's Tee, No Returns/Exchanges

MYSTERY Jeep Men's Tee, No Returns/Exchanges
MYSTERY Jeep Men's Tee, No Returns/Exchanges
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Price: $18.99   $8.00
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Our Mystery Jeep Product is back again!

If you're old enough to remember "Let's Make a Deal" on TV and you always took the risk and went for the unknown door, this product is right up your alley. And for a more current comparison, think Deal or No Deal. Risk taker? Take a risk with our Mystery Product. We are selling these same shirts for $18.99 and up. Why then, have we reduced some of them to $8.00, you ask? Well, it's because we may only have a few left in a single size in some designs and it's a pain to manage that inventory. Or, the vendor told us we aren't getting anymore so we don't want to keep the item on the website. So today, we are offering these short and long sleeve tees for just $8.00.

So what shirt will I get, you ask?
We don't know! Because each time we pack one, it will be different. But here are some ideas or what it could be.

This product COULD be:

  • A commemorative Go Topless Day tee (from 2011, for example)
  • Men's Grey Tee with a Jeep Willys on it
  • An olive green shirt with the classic Jeep star logo on it
  • Gold colored tee with the American Legend logo and military Jeep image
  • Every now and then, something super duper cool that we send out just for fun so you tell all your Jeep friends that they should try their luck too!

What it won't be:

  • Defective or damaged in any way

Heck, for $8.00 you can take a chance and then re-gift anything that you don't love. (But we are pretty sure that you will love it.

Each day there will be a new pile of Mystery Products for us to sell for a mere $8.00. Much of the time there will be only 1 of them so you probably won't get the same thing twice.


Have fun shopping our..... Mystery Jeep Gift!


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