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Host a Go Topless Day™ Event

Go Topless Day™ is a spring tradition when we celebrate the warm weather and sense of fun and adventure that comes with owning a Jeep.

Jeep and Off Road Clubs worldwide will join our 10th Annual Worldwide Go Topless Day™ on May 20th, 2017 with picnics, trail runs, convoys, trail clean-ups, parades, beach parties, and other social events.

All Things Jeep's Go Topless Day™ is a unique event in that it is both a celebration and an opportunity for clubs. Our broad customer and fan base allows All Things Jeep to reach Jeep owners who may never have been off road or heard of a local club before. In addition to celebrating the start of topless Jeep season, we hope to advocate responsible wheeling, promote your organization to recruit new members, and expand your club's fundraising abilities. Here's how:

  • We値l promote your Go Topless Day™ event on our website and social media to increase attendance.

  • Your event will be part of our weekly e-mail campaign that reaches thousands of Jeep enthusiasts.

  • We値l steer inquiring customers to your club not only for your Go Topless Day™ event, but as a Jeep community resource as well.

  • You will receive free Go Topless Day™ bumper stickers to distribute during your GTD event.

  • You will be able to purchase Go Topless Day™ merchandise at a special discounted rate that your club can then sell at retail prices to raise funds.

Interested in Joining?
E-mail with the following information:

  • Club name (or dealership, organization, etc.)*
  • Any websites for your group that we can direct people to*
  • Event details - your meeting spot/time, plan for the day, timeframe, etc.*
  • How many Jeeps are expected*
  • If you've held a GTD event in the past* (Is this your first GTD? Second? 10th?)
  • Any charities that will benefit from your event (not a requirement to host)*
  • A contact name, email address and phone number
  • Mailing address for decals and promotional materials

    *Items marked with * will appear on the web publicly on our events directory page*

    Each year, clubs and organizations report back to us with overwhelmingly positive results from hosting Go Topless Day™ events!

    Let's make 2017 the largest celebration of topless Jeeps yet!

    Club Discount for Go Topless Day™ Merchandise
    Apparel Merchandise
    Website Links
    Go Topless Stickers
    Co-Branded Banner
    12 to 24 units Included Included Available for Purchase
    25 to 74 units Included Included Available for Purchase
    75 or more units Included Included Included

    • Merchandise: Each year we produce an assortment of Go Topless Day branded merchandise. Clubs can use the discount we are offering as an opportunity for fundraising by selling these products at regular price during their GTD event. Clubs can also pass this discount on to members.
    • Go Topless Day Stickers: In the weeks before the event, we値l send stickers that can be given out during the event.

    • Reciprocal Website Links: If your club has a website or a Facebook page, we値l include your Go Topless Day event info on our website. In turn, we expect that your page links back to our Go Topless Day event page here:

    • Co-Branded Banner : We値l create Go Topless Day banners with your club痴 logo included. For that we値l need a high resolution image, 150 X 200 dots per inch. We also need to have your order and logo ready by April 15, 2017 since we need time to custom make your items.
    • More Go Topless Day Information

      The All Things Jeep Go Topless Day Home Page
      Currently Scheduled Go Topless Day 2017 Events
      Purchase GTD 2017 Apparel, Stickers & More
      Our Annual Flagship Event in Massachusetts
      Visit our Go Topless Day Facebook page and become a fan

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