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Jeep Crawler King Rockcrawling Remote Control Crawler (Battery & Battery Charger SOLD SEPARATELY)

Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR
Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR
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Item #: HPI-102115
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Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR Crawler King R/C with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Body RTR
This Crawler King Rockcrawler with a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon body, by HPI Racing, is the is a fantastic RTR rock crawler that can go anywhere - mud, sand, asphalt, rock, gravel and much more! The drivetrain is rock-solid and the parts are durable so you can come back from falls and tumbles. The Crawler King performs like a champ and is strong enough to get over just about anything you can get to! It also looks great with chrome wheels, off-road tires and painted and detailed body! The Crawler King makes an ideal first-time RC vehicle!

Requires a Battery and Battery Charger, sold separately and available below.

Imagine crawling near-vertical cliffs, slick rock faces and piles of mountain rubble The magic appeal of rock crawling is that you compete against your own abilities, trusting in the strength of your equipment and the machine that you built. When you aren’t doing it in your own Jeep, the Wrangler Rubicon Crawler King will keep you busy.

This video, from RC Car Action will give you a great idea of what you can do with this Jeep Crawler King. Watch it and drool until you get your own Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Crawler King!


When you're ready to hit the rocks, the Crawler King gets you started crawling with ease - with the ultra-flexible Wheely King 4x4 chassis as a starting point, we've added the excellent #87633 Rock Crawler Conversion for the best weight distribution, extra articulation and tuning, plus #4896 Rock Grabber tires for extreme grip and finally #3213 Rock 8 beadlock 2.2 inch wheels in chrome for great style and extra weight down low, right where you need it!

To provide precise control for the Crawler King, we've added the excellent HPI TF-1 radio set with SF-1 servo and the torquey Crawler 55T motor provides the power, while an EN-1 reversible speed controller handles the power.

The RTR Crawler King is ready for competition in the 2.2 crawler class, with over 15cm (6 inches) of suspension travel and wheelbase that extends to the maximum legal length! You can easily tune the shock positions and lower link positions, giving you plenty of options to get your crawling rig to the top of the pile!

Long Wheelbase

For extreme stability when crawling up steep inclines, the RTR Crawler King uses long links that extend the wheelbase significantly over the normal Wheely King. Cool anodized aluminum links with pivot balls control the suspension linkage, giving you loads of articulation for extreme angles!

Front Mounted Battery

The chassis of the RTR Crawler King features a front-mounted battery compartment to optimize weight distribution over the front wheels. This is the ideal place to put the weight of the single heaviest component in the truck, giving you supreme climbing power as you tackle those tough inclines!

Amazing Rock Grabber Crawling Tires

HPI Racing Rock Grabber Tires are high grip tires designed for rocky terrain. These rock crawling tires are molded with sticky S compound rubber for excellent grip on all kinds of rocks. The blocky tread pattern wraps around the sidewall of the tire for extra grip in challenging conditions. These are true beadlock tires, made to fit HPI rock crawling wheels using 6-hole beadlock rings to keep the tire securely mounted on the wheel without the need for messy super glue.

Crawler 55T Motor

The new 550-size Crawler 55-turn motor gives you the ideal amount of torque and RPM to get over tough, steep boulders! This all-new motor is perfectly suited for the Crawler King and new crawling aficionados, and features a closed-endbell brushed design which is nearly maintenance-free!

Custom Beadlock Wheels

HPI Rock 8 no-glue beadlock wheels are included to give the Crawler King a custom look and allow you to change wheel weights, foams and tires whenever you need to. With beadlock wheels there's no gluing, and no mess! There's nothing like the look and style of real beadlock wheels, and these new 'mag' style wheels look amazing and perfect for the ultimate scale crawler look!

Slider Driveshafts

Getting the power from the transmission to the axles are a pair of tough sliding driveshafts. When combined with the diff lockers inside the axles, these are the best way to transfer power in a vehicle with so much articulation - the distance between the axles and transmission vary as the truck goes over obstacles, so sliding joints and locked diffs are the ideal way to get the power to the ground.

Multiple Lower Shock and Link Mounts

To give you the best tuning options and increase the amount of ground clearance, HPI designers have included a new lower shock and link mount with several extra mounting locations. This gives you a multitude of options for tackling the toughest climbs, inclines and rock piles.

Monster Truck Body Mounts

For custom style you can't beat the option of attaching different bodies on your crawler. We've included a full set of Savage-size body mounts for fitting dozens of different monster truck bodies! Simply use your Savage or other monster truck body for a quick and easy style change!

Scale Looks

We haven't forgotten about great looks, either: topped with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon body and featuring bright chrome beadlock wheels, the Crawler King is ready for scale concours honors!

Optional Super-Low Gearing

If you're ready to compete, it's a simple matter to add the #87634 Reduction Gear Box Set that makes the gear ratio an astounding 174 to 1, for the most amount of torque for climbing the steepest inclines! The stock Crawler King and Wheely King gear ratio is 23 to 1, so you will instantly see the impressive hill-climbing torque that the Reduction Gear Box Set will give you!

The Crawler King can fit a massive variety of Savage, Wheely King and E-Savage bodies, plus any of the huge variety of 2.2 inch beadlock and 1/10th truck wheels and tires! You can change the look of the Crawler King as often as you like!

Scale replica Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Fitted and painted. Fully assembled RTR chassis is ready to go crawling on the steepest rocks. Solid axle design and extra-grippy Rock Grabber tires for fantastic traction.

Long wheelbase design provides stability and traction TVP design is narrowest crawler chassis available for extra maneuverability. Sealed pinion and spur gear to prevent debris & stones from damaging the gears. Sealed solid axles are very durable and ready for competition.

Sealed pinion and spur gear to prevent debris & stones from damaging the gears. Metal hub adapters fit any HPI 1/10th truck wheels and crawler wheels. Sliding driveshafts transfer power securely as suspension moves throughout full range. Fully capable long-stroke suspension gives over 15cm of wheel travel

Everything Included!

With a completely assembled RTR chassis, painted body and a full set of electronics, it's a simple matter of adding 8 AA batteries in the radio and charging the truck battery to have some fun!

The RTR Crawler King features a high-quality HPI TF-1 27MHz transmitter for proportional control, reliable SF-1 steering servo, reversing EN-1 electronic speed control and brand new Crawler 55T crawling-specific motor.

All electronics are standard size and feature industry-standard connectors for easy upgrades and full compatibility with most common RC electronics. That means you can easily use the Crawler King radio system with other cars or you can upgrade any individual component of the radio gear in your Crawler King as you wish. The Crawler King is easy to upgrade - install a different motor to suit your crawling needs, or pop in a different battery for even longer runtimes!

Features List

  • Fully assembled crawler truck
  • Ready to Run with a pre-built chassis, assembled tires and installed electronics
  • Available with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon pre-painted & pre-cut bodies with decals applied
  • Full-time 4WD with sealed drivetrain
  • Long wheelbase chassis for sure-footed stability
  • Over 15cm (6 inches) of articulation to get over any obstacle
  • HPI Crawler 55T high-torque crawler-specific motor
  • HPI EN-1 reversible electronic speed controller
  • HPI TF-1 steering wheel radio system with SF-1 steering servo
  • HPI Rock Grabber crawling tires
  • HPI Rock 8 2.2 inch beadlock wheels with stainless steel rings
  • Front-mounted battery holder for optimal weight distribution
  • Slider driveshafts for secure power transfer
  • Multiple lower shock and link mounts for competition tuning
  • Savage body mounts to fit huge variety of Savage and monster truck bodies
  • Easily upgradeable electronics
  • Battery pack, charger and 8 AA batteries for transmitter NOT included, sold separately.

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock!
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