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Jeep Clubs Going Topless on May 9th 2009

Jeep Clubs worldwide joined the 2nd Worldwide Go Topless Day on May 9th 2009 with picnics, trail runs, trail clean-ups, parades, beach parties,and other social events.

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Email sales @ and tell us how many Jeeps will be out with you that day and include your full name/ address / club name. We'll send you some Go Topless memorabilia to hand out and add you to our list here.

You can also download a Blank Go Topless Flyer which you can use to promote your local event.
Click Here: Blank Go Topless Day Flyer in .jpg format.
Click Here: Blank Go Topless Day Flyer in .pdf format.

Let's make this the largest celebration of topless Jeeps ever to exist! (We applied to the Guinness Book of World Records.)


  • Our Flagship Go Topless Day Event hosted by All Things Jeep in Lancaster, MA

  • Robert "Roadkill" Murray and Military Jeepers from Massachusetts to Germany are going topless on May 9th
  • New England Jeepz is going topless on May 9th
  • CNYJEEP, based in Syracuse NY, will be having a topless run
  • Mid Florida Jeep Club - sponsors of JeepBeach 2009!-they are always topless, but are celebrating with us on May 9th also!
  • Lone Star Jeep Club in Texas is taking their tops off on Go Topless Day
  • Cori Williams and The Rad Rollers Jeep club from Alpena, MI are having a topless trail ride.
  • Pirates Of Moor Jeep & 4x4 Club of Central Florida - The Pirates are topless on May 9th.
  • Big Rubbers Custom 4x4 Club Inc. We got Big Rubbers going topless with us!
  • Robert (FatBob309) McNeeley and Higher Ground 4X4 will be going topless in Moab
  • The Swamp Things 4x4 Club in Palm Beach County will be top-free on 5/9/09
  • Kathie Gainer and The Panama City Jeepers will be having a topless gathering.
  • Southern Ohio Jeepers participated in Go Topless Day last year and they are back!
  • The Rat Pack Jeep Club in New Mexico is celebrating topless.
  • The San Antonio Jeep Exclusive Club told us they want to go topless!
  • Heather C. and her "Dawg Pack" also in San Antonio will be Topless.
  • The Pioneer 4 Wheelers out of Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska are going topless again this year.
  • The Treasure Coast Jeep Club in Vero Beach, FL will be out topless and heading to the beach on May 9th.
  • The Tacoma Webfooters Jeep Club in the Pacific Northwest are going topless a week early, they are so excited!
  • The Charlottesville Redneck Jeep Club and friends in Charlottesville, VA are doing it again this year! Hi Donna!
  • The Georgia Crawlers out of Atlanta GA are going to pile anyone who wants to join them into a topless Jeep in historic downtown. Party on Michael!
  • The Southside Jeepers in Richmond, VA are topless again this year!
  • Cody and Jeep-Nation in San Antonio, TX will be topless on May 9th.
  • Justin and the Waco, TX branch of Jeep-Nation will also be topless on May 9th.
  • Capital City Jeepers, in Tallahassee, Florida
  • PA Jeeps in York, PA will be topless on May 9th. These guys run the fantastic All Breeds Jeep Show in July
  • Mandi and the Backwoods Jeep Club in Western PA are planning a topless cruise through the Cooks Forest Area.
  • Tracy and the MuddyBuddys Jeep Wrangler Club in the Dayton, OH area will be topless on May 9th.
  • Naomi and the Tacoma Webfooters in the Pacific Northwest area will celebrating their 50th Anniversary in May and will be topless for that!
  • Mark and the Jeep 4-Play Off-road Club in the Coos Bay, Oregon area will be doing it again this year!
  • Jason and the new Sussex County Jeep Club in Delaware will be at a local track for Topless Day.
  • Chad and the Jeep Country Club of Milford, IL will be doing a picnic and clean-up on Topless Day
  • Joe and his buddies, the Stump Jumpers in Maryland will crusing topless on May 9th.
  • Bret & the Bluegrass 4x4 Club will cruise at Advanced Auto Parts in Henderson, KY
  • Darlene's OutLaw OffRoad Jeep Club in TX are joining us for Topless Day
  • David & the Hot Dog Jeepers in Greensburg, Indiana will be topless this May!
  • The Trail Misfit’s in Denver, CO will be participating in Go Topless Day again this year.
  • JK Crawlers and Crew in Longmont, CO will be joining in the festivities with a poker run this year.
  • Eastern Shore Jeep Association is having a Go Topless beach outing.
  • John Slayter "Slaytman" and The Michiana Jeep Club will be combining their Badlands Trip with Go Topless Day
  • James Davenport and Jeepers Jeep Club in Port St. Lucie,Fl will be having a picnic and ice cream run.
  • Mobile Jeep Club (of Mobile, Alabama) will be holding a Jeep Show and Shine hosted by Chris Myers Jeep in Daphne, Alabama
  • The Lakeland Jeep Club will be hosting a Go Topless picnic at Saddle creek Park in Lakeland, FL
  • Justin and the Nevada Backroaders will be doing a back country BBQ & clean up of their adopted trail the Mormon Well Road north of Las Vegas, NV
  • The 4XFools Offroad Club are headed topless to the Sidney Dairy Barn in Sidney, IL, "Home of the World's Best Ice Cream" May 9th! They'll get an extra FREE topping to celebrate JEEP Topless Day!
  • Michael and the Southern Ohio Jeepers Association will be topless on May 9th
  • Carol & Rob & the Ronin Wheelers of Rhode Island will be topless on May 9th AND they're coming to our Lancaster, MA event
  • Billy B. and the Central Mississippi Jeep Association are planning a topless event for May 9th
  • Lisa and the Louisiana Jeepers are going topless for May 9th!
  • The Road Less Traveled Jeep Club, out of Muskegon, MI will be hosting a Geocaching Event
  • Katrina and her Jeep Cruise Buddies in NE Iowa will be going topless again this year.
  • Vern and the new Ottawa Beach Jeepers out of Holland, MI will be hosting a Topless Day
  • Tom and the North Georgia JAM (Jeep Adventures Meetup) are going to be topless on May 9th
  • Brian and the Hollar Crawlers out of Indiana will be joining us on May 9th
  • Joe Ivory and the Springfield Ohio Jeepers Club will be having a picnic at the Clarence J. Brown Reservoir in Springfield, Oh on May 9th from 1-3pm
  • Jordan and the Midstates Jeep Club out of Missouri are going to be topless on May 9th.
  • Sarah and the group at My Jeep Rocks in Southern California will be hosting a Meet 'n Greet at the local Bass Pro Shop.
  • Dee-Dee and "Still Play'n" from Trinity, Alabama will be topless @ the meet & greet on May 9.
  • Mary Ann and some of the Heritage Region Jeep Alliance in Western PA will be celebrating with us
  • There will be a Go Topless Event at the new Turkey Pen Extreme Adventure Park in Doniphan, MO
  • Kathie & the Panama City Jeep will be celebrating Go Topless Day
  • Adrian & the The Yum-Yum Iron Force (!) out of the Pueblo Athletic Club in Pueblo, CO will be doing something fun on Go Topless Day. Stop in and join them.
  • Rick and the The Northwoods 4xCruisin' Crew of Negaunee, MI will be participating in Go Topless Day - snow or no snow. (And there may be snow!)
  • Kent & the Southern Jeeps Club will be partying at the Grand Opening of a local Off-Road Shop on Go Topless Day
  • John & the Tennessee Offroad Club will be having a Cruise-In May 9th for the Go Topless Day
  • The Savage Sun 4x4 Expeditions in Central Arizona will be Going Topless May 9th
  • The NO BS Just Jeeps Virginia Beach in VA will be at Hall Jeep on Virginia Beach Blvd from 3-5pm on May 9th
  • The crazy group of Jeepers known as "We Jeep Naked" will be at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach, VA on May 9th
  • Jeff & Danille and the NOVA Jeepers in Northern Virginia will be celebrating again this year
  • Hellbent Performance Off Road, an Offroad 4x4 shop in St. Louis Missouri, will be hosting an Opening House on Go Topless Day
  • and you are welcome to join them.

    JEEP DEALERSHIPS & Go Topless Day

  • In Warren, MI, JIM RIEHL'S FRIENDLY CHRYSLER JEEP is having a big event. Call them for details.
  • INTERNATIONAL Go Topless Day Events

  • Up in Toronto, Canada, the Central Ontario 4x4 Club will be celebrating Go Topless Day with us
  • Melissa & the Nickel City Crawlers out of Sudbury, Ontario Canada may be chilly, but they'll be topless on May 9th!
  • Eric "BIG GUS" Gustafson and the Front Line Jeeps International (Founder) will be having fun topless in Heidelberg, Germany. This is a new Jeep club for United States Department of Defense employees and soldiers stationed in Europe.
  • Herman and his buddies with vintage Jeeps in CAPE TOWN, South Africa will be joining us on May 9th
  • Lisa and the Sydney Jeep Club are doing a beach run on Stockton Beach in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!
  • Mike and his Jeep club in the UK, will be Topless even though its their rainy season!

  • Who's next? Let us know and we'll post you here.

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